Chris Thompson 17th June 2012

This Sundays Show will be a pre record I did last week with Chris Thompson. I have a real soft spot for this man. I had him on my show last year and he had so many stories that we didn’t get past about age 16. He has been a musician forever and was right at the beginning of the Blues Explosion. He saw guys like Howlin Wolf and even though he was fourteen the musicians had him up on stage with them.Oh the days when you learnt by doing, not by going on a course like so many of today’s acts.Chris was like Spizz that when we went to the pub afterwards he then told me all sorts of stories. The time when he was on Top of the Pop’s and Elton John said how much he loved his band ( Screaming Blue Messiahs)Chris told him they weren’t keen on the song they were having to do and Elton responded that he didn’t like doing Crocodile Rock. How when they toured New Zealand they had a Maori stage crew and it turned out Chris knew one of them as he was a bassist in a London band ! Quite a few stories I can’t repeat.Chris should put it all in a book it would make for a great read. It also turned out the engineer Sarah for my show at Resonance , her brothers favourite band was Screaming Blue Messiahs. He is in good company as I mention on the show David Bowie also said it was his favourite band and invited them on tour with him. Chris called me in the week and asked if I would like to do some BV’s for his new band Holiday Head when they go to record which of course I said yes to. He has started this new project after his band The Killer B’s just weren’t getting enough gigs to continue. Madness all of it. They were such a good band but without the right people around you its very hard. Really hope his new band take off for him.



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Nikki is a Singer/ Songwriter in her band Sid Sings and has her own Radio Show called House Rent Boogie at Resonance104.4FM

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