Part 2 of Spizz World.

Yep he is back! Went in on Sunday to do a pre record with Spizz which goes out this Sunday 2nd December 12pm and Wednesday 10am. He brought with him two new band members Ben on Bass and Phil on guitar,really nice guys and seem like such a good fit for Spizz. He decided to do something very unusual for him which is do an acoustic set. They did three songs Bowie “Rebel Rebel” and his own “Red and Black” and “Where’s Captain Kirk”. They sounded fantastic. When stripped back you hear what great songs Spizz has. ” Red on Black ” sounded so haunting. It transported me in to a Cathedral. Oddly the pics I took have the light streaming in giving it a “Holy ” vibe! Well Spizz is otherworldly! He is very attentive and puts in his absolute best, from being early, to having a list of chosen tracks written out ,calling the guys in the morning to make sure they were ok and always very easy going with the engineers. Another great Sunday spent with creative hard working musicians. Of course a trip to the pub was required afterwards to round off a good day!



About Sid Sings

Nikki is a Singer/ Songwriter in her band Sid Sings and has her own Radio Show called House Rent Boogie at Resonance104.4FM

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