They blew the roof off!

ImageWow what a sound these guys create! Had such a good time with Rob ( singer) ,Rob ( guitarist), Matthew ( Bass ) and William ( drums) yesterday on my show.They did a blistering live set that I think you could have heard for miles around. A stripped back sound does not exist for these guys, so the volume was well and truly up in the Resonance studio with the engineer Francisco skillfully making sure that it wasn’t just a wall of noise. Their music really puts a big smile on your face and to be that close to  watching Rob get the most amazing sounds out of his guitar was something else. He is a very modest man and as always with only an hour we only scratched the surface with his past in Subway Sect and how his playing has inspired so many other bands. Image

There was a lot of comedy moments during the show with 45’s that were too badly scratched to play, a ban on any Beatles being played and them magically packing all their equipment during the interview  to make way for the next show at 1pm! A nice dose of mild chaos was the style of the day. When I got home I immediately put on their 45 which they kindly gave me. It sounded fantastic on the Dansette. I really hope to have them back on very soon.Image


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About Sid Sings

Nikki is a Singer/ Songwriter in her band Sid Sings and has her own Radio Show called House Rent Boogie at Resonance104.4FM

3 responses to “They blew the roof off!”

  1. Mateo G. Martin says :

    Hi Nikki,

    Good to see you back in action. Will you have some day the chance to have me with my trio to cook you some hot gumbo strictly acoustic? Just acoustic guitar, snare drum with brushes and a doghouse bass.

    Let me known if that wold be possible, I loved to perform by and I surely would enjoy a lot to repeat.

    Cheers, good luck all the best

    Sent from my iPad by Mateo Garcia Martin

  2. Mateo G. Martin says :

    Here you have a vid of my performance, Catfish Blues, feel free to share it.

    Regards and thanks Sent from my iPad by Mateo Garcia Martin

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