There are Bands and then there is Wolf Club Lunar Society……

Well am I pleased these guy’s got in contact with me! As soon as I arrived at the studio yesterday and saw Antony ,Sam and Pete setting up I knew  we were going to have not just a good show but a REALLY good show. Not only were they some of the nicest musicians you will ever meet but they are also great players with an original sound. A bit of a rarity  these day’s.especially in this genre it seems. They completely got how to take the  Blues and make it sound relevant and fresh . I would like to think how the old Blue’s guy’s would want to sound if they were around today. I loved that they did a  stripped down set with Sam using rods and Antony and Pete’s guitar’s blending effortlessly  together. Pete also did  some great harmonica playing again fitting perfectly with the music.Sam and Antony have only been working together for eight weeks(!) yet it already seems as if its been years.I could see Sam really listening and watching Antony,giving the songs lots of feel and room to breath. What I haven’t heard a lot of recently is a Band that you know could be nothing else but British. Yet you really get that from Antony’s singing style. I kept thinking of Steve Marriot  when he sang. Something to do not just with him being a  Londoner, but I think more to do with Antony being authentic with what he is doing and that’s what you got with Marriot.The conversation during the show flew by as they were so relaxed and clearly enjoy each other’s company. What was also  refreshing about them was their constant praise of other Bands they know or have seen. You are only generous like that when you are comfortable in your own skin,which is what came across from the three of them. I think that generosity of spirit also comes from believing in and having confidence in your own product. No need to worry about what other Bands are doing if you are in one that stands on its own which theirs does. Before they had even sat down to chat after their set I had asked them to come back on. After the show we did what any civilized person would do on a Sunday and go to the pub! Its always nice to spend time with like minded people,so the afternoon whiled away with our musings  on  music,politics and even Daphne from the Eggheads!   A perfect lazy Sunday Afternoon…Root-de-doo-de-doo, a-root-de-doot-de doy di…..Image






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Nikki is a Singer/ Songwriter in her band Sid Sings and has her own Radio Show called House Rent Boogie at Resonance104.4FM

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