Spanish Invasion…


Tomorrow will be quite a Spanish affair with Ramblin’ Matt making a welcome return to my show but this time with his Band which will be good to hear and of course Francisco Castilla who is my Spanish sound engineer. Francisco has been delivering the most amazing sound for all the Bands week after week with their live sets,I feel very lucky to have him on board.I am sure tomorrow will be no exception and The Ramblin Matt Trio will be really impressed with what he is able to do in such a small space.


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About Sid Sings

Nikki is a Singer/ Songwriter in her band Sid Sings and has her own Radio Show called House Rent Boogie at Resonance104.4FM

2 responses to “Spanish Invasion…”

  1. Mateo says :

    Hey Nikki, it was again a true pleasure to share a lazy Sunday morning with you and Frankie, here you go the video of the live set that we played in the studio, I hope you’ll like it. You should consider publishing a CD with music from your guests, I’m happy to contribute designing the art cover and such, that would be a hit for sure!

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