A healthy debate on a Sunday…


Well I was not expecting so much debate to happen on Sunday and especially not about The Beatles but that’s what happened when The Ramblin’ Matt Trio came in on Sunday. There was much heated discussion about The Beatles being “good” musicians or not. Snakester had very strong opinions about this which I always find surprising to ever find a musician that doesn’t love The Beatles……Mateo and myself were firmly in the “its a no brainer ” of course they were great but Snakester was having none of it! He also feels Elvis is over-rated. Interestingly he is a big fan of “Guns and Roses “……hmmm…..what can I say……each to their own…. he is a drummer.They are a peculiar breed! It is always interesting not just with Bands but people in general how liking or disliking a Band is a sure fire way to get a heated discussion going and that certainly happened in the studio. Nearly every Band I have had in someone will mention a Band that they love that horrifies the rest of the guy’s BUT get them on stage together and that’s forgotten which is what clearly happens with The Ramblin Matt Trio. We did all agree that there isn’t enough good venues to play in London which seems to be a constant topic of conversation and that being allowed to voice your opinion or be controversial isn’t happening a lot especially with the controlled and contrived Music scene we find ourselves in. Well that wasn’t the case on Sunday as it was filled with opinions and controversy and that can only be a good thing ….even if we didn’t agree!photo
What I did agree with is Mateo’s excellent choice of C.D’s he brought in.This is a man with a real passion for music and playing the Blues and I get the feeling this is what helps keep him sane and grounded …with of course as Snakester I am sure would agree ” a little help from your friends, we can work it out,anytime at all,even when its been a Hard days night we can come together cos all you need is love………as I said nothing like a healthy debate on a Sunday!


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Nikki is a Singer/ Songwriter in her band Sid Sings and has her own Radio Show called House Rent Boogie at Resonance104.4FM

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