Last but definitely not least……

The Obscuritones came to the studio yesterday and made perfect guests for my last show of this series. I normally steer away from having Bands on with so many members due to the small space at Resonance but I had heard them through a door whilst they were rehearsing a while back and thought it would be worth the chaos. Of course that’s easy for me to say as its Francisco that has the hard task of setting them up and getting them a good sound.All I have to do is hope that everyone feels relaxed and enjoys the experience.phil
I had met Phil (drummer) a couple of weeks back and its obvious that he is one of the good guys , a hard worker who clearly really believes in this Band and so he should as they delivered a tight sharp set in the studio with plenty of sparkle from Jane and Joey on vocals.Not easy to do first thing on a Sunday when you have had a late one performing in Wales the night before!girls

Hugh did some beautiful guitar work,really fluid and understated.He seems very unaware of what a good player he is,which appears to be a common theme with this Band.They have a lot more muscle than they realize.hugh

You then have Andy on double bass. Here is a guy totally at ease when playing, driving the drums and guitars and holding it all together. What is also nice about this Band is having another female on board which is Sam playing acoustic rhythm guitar for that authentic rockabilly sound.Sam was full of cold but of course as soon as the red light went on, Dr Theatre took hold and she performed faultlessly.andy
Finally Phil who as I suspected from meeting him is one of those players who really listens,tunes right in to what the Band are doing to give that gorgeous swing that made it impossible for me to keep still!

Having six on meant I just got a taste of their lives and loves with me having to cut Jane’s track and conversation very short as the hour was up before we knew it.

Were they worth the chaos of chairs and cables and instruments everywhere? Absolutely,in fact I have already invited them back on….better warn Francisco though!


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About Sid Sings

Nikki is a Singer/ Songwriter in her band Sid Sings and has her own Radio Show called House Rent Boogie at Resonance104.4FM

One response to “Last but definitely not least……”

  1. Phil says :

    Lovely words Nikki. Cheque is in the post. We had a blast on your show and love the format. Nice one.

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