As Good As It Gets…


I still haven’t stopped smiling at having The Pretty Things on my show yesterday. What a way to spend a Sunday, hearing amazing live music from Rock Royalty to then getting a glimpse in to what life was like in the 60’s.
Dick Taylor arrived first and as I suspected he would be, he was such an easy guy to chat to and so unassuming.

Phil May wasn’t far behind and proved to be funny and charming with both of them making no demands on Francisco the sound engineer.

George and Jack then arrived having had a nightmare journey from Brighton getting stuck in a marathon on route but again shared the same relaxed energy as Dick and Phil which made me know I was going to have a good show.

Frank was last to arrive who was just so lovely ,impossible not to like. Now the line up was complete and so a mad hauling in of equipment in to the small studio then happened with cables and mic stands everywhere.

Very quickly a soundcheck happened and before you knew it 12pm was upon us and the show began.
To be that close to watching and listening to them perform was quite something. Its the closest I will ever get to what it must have been like in the 60’s. The sound they create is like nothing I have ever heard before. The fact that George and Jack are younger is completely forgotten about as all five become as one when playing,complimenting each other so well. This wasn’t marking it ,this was a proper heads down feeling it performance with Phils voice soaring over the top.It really was electric.

To then get even a tiny slice of their lives was fantastic and luckily Phil and Dick’s memory meant that vivid stories as if it happened yesterday easily flowed.Hearing about time spent with Bob Dylan,Brian Jones ,Keith Richards to name a few is really part of the history of Rock “N” Roll in this Country.

George spoke very eloquently about what Blues music means to him and also how much he has learnt from Dick.
There was lots of great natural Band banter between them all which made it so easy for me .
Phil and Dick were very conscious of making sure everyone got to talk with the other three really wanting the time to be spent on those two. It really did seem a Band without ego’s…….. that would be a first!

Of course an hour couldn’t possibly be enough but I did feel a lot was fitted in,even in that short time.I really did get a slice of life with The Pretty Things and I feel incredibly lucky to have met them and that they took the time to come on to my show.

Yesterday really was as good as it gets. So thank you Dick,Phil,Frank,Jack and George….. I salute you.


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About Sid Sings

Nikki is a Singer/ Songwriter in her band Sid Sings and has her own Radio Show called House Rent Boogie at Resonance104.4FM

10 responses to “As Good As It Gets…”

  1. Sam says :

    Listened to the show today on SoundCloud. What a great show .Thank you!

  2. David says :

    Can’t believe I missed this! Will have to listen on Sound Cloud

  3. Alan says :

    Only just discovered your Blog.Would have put comment up sooner.Just wanted to thank you for a great show on Sunday.

  4. Liam Devereux (@LiamDevereux) says :

    Caught half of it on Sunday so gonna find the Soundcloud link now. Great you were able to get an interview with them

    • Nikki says :

      It was down to their manager Mark replying to me and arranging.. So often you can’t get past the people looking after artists. Hope you like the rest of the show.

    • houserentboogie says :

      It was down to their manager Mark replying to me and then arranging it. So often you can’t get past the people that look after a Band.Hope you like the rest of the show.

  5. antony flynn says :

    Awesome show Nikki and brilliant live performance by The Pretty Things, Loved it!

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