Not a bang but an explosion!


Sunday was my last show of the series and I wanted to end on a high. I couldn’t have asked for better guests than The Messiahs with their incredible sound.Hard to believe its from just two people.They sound like an army about to go in to battle with extraordinary drumming from Kenny and then this monstrously big sound from Chris on guitar but with so much groove and rhythm that it’s impossible not to dance to.

They have known each other for over thirty years having had great success with their Band The Screaming Blue Messiahs. A Band which David Bowie named as his favourite Band in an interview he gave to Rolling Stone magazine. Its easy to see why, as even after all these years they really do have an original sound and amazing energy that you don’t hear or see often.There is a tightness between them but also a looseness with the structure of the songs.That knowing each other so well that they just sense when to extend a solo or reign in when needed.

I have had Chris on the show three times.Twice on his own and once with his Band The Killer Bee’s so Sunday’s show was a chance to hear from Kenny and fill in some of the gaps left by Chris.He has a great memory so hearing how they got signed and meeting David Bowie when he invited them to be his support Band on his Glass Spider tour was fascinating.
The Messiahs is a relatively new project for the guys and its clear they are really enjoying playing together again after all these years. They absolutely deserve to be out there playing to big audiences again.I really hope they get that opportunity, as I defy anyone whatever age not to fall in love with what these two men can create on stage.


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