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And now silence……

So yesterday was my last show at Resonance as the studio is closing for the whole of August for maintenance.I don’t know as yet if I will be back in September so watch this space!

Here is my track list from the show. Lots of great raw Blues.

1. Wolf Club Lunar Society – When 9 ‘O clock Strikes
2. The Fallen Leaves – Trouble
3. Black Corsair – Black Heart
4. The Untouchables – Joy Train
5. John Fairhurst – Up On The Hill
6. Alex Haynes and The Fever – That’s Just Bad Timing
7. Jessie Mae Hemphill – Go Back To Your Used To Be
8. Othar Turner – Shortnin Henduck
9. J.D McPherson – Wolf Teeth
10. J.B Lenoir – The Whale has Swallowed Me
11. Schoolboy Cleve – She’s Gone
12. Stoneblower – Jesus Christ


From just one note…….

brad two

I loved my time I spent with Brad on Sunday such a lovely open, easy going and of course very talented guy.The hour on the show was effortless,I never had to think what I would ask next, it just naturally flowed with Brad sharing some really interesting stories from his past and lots of great guitar talk. He has such a distinctive sound,in fact later when I saw Sandy ( guitarist in our Band Sid Sings) listening to Brad had inspired him to get all his guitars and pedals out! He has also fallen in love with the Eastwood Guitar which Brad played on the show, a real beauty. I love the cross pollination that goes on between all the musicians I have on whether its sharing good venue info,pedal idea’s,recommending a producer or discovering an artist by their song choices,it genuinely feels like a community of like minded people has developed from the show. Genuine is what Brad is and that shines through in his music and the way that he play’s.

There is a real similarity between him and Rob Symmons in that they are both obsessed with tone. I thought it was very interesting that Brad had been inspired by listening to Marvin Gaye sing and how he would bend notes.Brad had even got it down to one note that he sang which had made a real impact on him. Now that’s someone who really listens!

Its been a while since a guest has been so thorough in their listing of song choices and copies of each C.D. There was a time when it seemed their was a lot of OCD musicians out there. Brad does have the excuse though of being a Dubbing Editor so has to make sure there is back up for the back up!

I would love to host a once a month night so I could have people like Brad and his Band Stoneblower perform.I have had my thinking cap on for a while but finding the right Venue isn’t easy.In the meantime I have the best seat in the house at Resonance but with only two shows left till the station closes for August I will soon be homeless.

Guitar Geek Heaven…..


If guitars are your thing then tomorrows show will be for you. I have invited back guitarist Brad Williams from Stoneblower to do my second once a month special. I thought after Rob Symmons being my first guest Brad would be a good contrast as his background includes being a session player. As he was on with his Band previously I never got to find out properly his career before Stoneblower. So I have an hour to find out as much as possible tomorrow 12pm!

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